New research links patient portals (like this one) to physician burnout due to the number of hours spent answering client questions between appointments. We want to keep our doctors healthy and we want to keep you healthy too!

Portal questions are perfect for clarifying questions about your current plan that was unclear in your “visit summary” or “supplement chart.”

If new issues arise please schedule a follow up appointment with your practitioner. For all questions between appointments that are not simple "yes" or "no" questions you will be charged for the time it takes the doctor to research/review your chart and respond to the question. 

The new portal question fee is $300/hr. This will be automatically charged to your credit card. 

Alternately, we recommend writing down all questions you have for your next follow up appointment. We will try our best to answer your questions within 2 business days of receiving it. 

Thank you for understanding and feel free to email us with any questions,

modrn team

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